Saturday, November 28, 2009

Where Have I been???

How about this? Met an old friend in the Toronto airport (a very sweet guy) on our way to England.Just one of the highlights of our trip.

Denise took me on a tour of England ,Here we are at Stonehenge.

This is a little fishing village on the ocean with a cobblestone street down to the water. There is only one street and it is very steep. You had to take little steps going down and up too . You had to pay to go to this place called Clovelly.

Where some famous writer came from. He wrote about the sea.

And then is Buckingham Palace , we saw the changing of the gaurds and took a tour of the palace.
This one is taken from the bus window and I am not sure what the monuments is.

I took a lot from the bus . some were very good.

It was very good to get so close to these fellows in red with the music and the marching.

Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15 2009

Here are some pictures of my iris. There has been lots of rain this spring . Today June 15 there has been sun then a sudden downfall with hail.
As my mom used to say "Everything in the garden's Lovely"

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Degraafs

Paul and denise stopped at Joans house last May and we had cake in the middle of the night for Denises birthday and last year Denise was on her walk and recieved a bunch of roses for her 50th. the other pic is Denis and her grandaughter Grace in Caronport sask.
Today Jan 17. 09 Paul and Denise are in Lorado Texas waiting for a load to Canada.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Napanee Hometown boy " Downhere" in Nashville

Joan, Jays mom downloaded 388 pic from her camera onto my computer and I just got around to look at them. Look what I found ! Jason at home , his piano, his dog Lila , his Junos and dove awards, his wife Heather and his guitar collection.
I thought all you family would like to see a juno. I have never seen one before
They are asking us in rural Napanee area to write in and tell them if we want highspeed internet.
Hey, was that a rant????
Do you know they didn't even get electricity in this area untill the 50s???
It took me over an hour to up load these pictures. Do I want high speed???? Yes!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This month in Centerville.

We have been having a busy time here in eastern Ontario what with visiting with Paul and Denise every time they happen past the Flying J in Napanee. We have never had so much time together with them. Then there is the Fairs and fests that we have been attending selling our musical instriments. That takes a lot of energybut we have been doing well thanks to God .

We get rain nearly every day as I suppose does everyone else .The garden is fabulous. This is a picture of a mamoth sunflower that has a cucumber climing up on it.

This bag is one of my projects that I have just finished and will take to Sterling Fair to sell. The last one had a Scotty dog on it . I never thought to take a pic of it.
I also have an order for a 8 fott long jean rug. I have begun to warp my loom again.
Thats it for now Bill wants to phone so I gotta go. Love you all. Ruth

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


The truth is my veg garden has always been a flop but this year after another person told me of his success with raised bed I thought I would try it. I am very happy with the results.We have allready eaten turnip tops and swiss chard, so have the bugs.

I had kept the planks from the deck we replaced so had them to raise the sides. I just put stakes in and filled them with the best soil I had some was from an old compost that I had not emptied for some years,some was spagmum moss . I put bone meal in the plants I started inside and then fed them with miricle grow and epsom salts. With the rains we have been having things are growing like mad. My strawberries were ok but we only had a few the birds and the beasts got most of them.

The large leaves you see are pepper squash . I am proud of the trellises I made. They are holding up cuccumber and pole beans.

One of the containers i am growing in is a box Bill made to cover the air conditioner on the outside. When we got new windows on the front that didn't open it was no longer in use but I like to reuse and now it is a lovely deep growing container.

I bought all my seeds at the dollar store for three for a dollar so this has not cost too much.

Now I will show you my roses. The ones by the door were bought at Pickering nurseries. They are the best and strongest rose I have ever had . They are a tower rose not a climer.
The other pic is the flowers blooming in the driveway.
Its Canada Day today so like a true hard working Canadian I washed clothes hanging them out of course. dug stuff up chopped stuff of, moved the kitchen tent by myslef, That was a laugh but I did it , and cleaned long grass from one spot .Really it was a great day not too hot nice breaze. To night its off to Napanee for the fire works with friends.
Hope you all had a good day too even you guys in Tennesee. Love Ruth

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Our Visit to Ron and Joan's Place

The worship team practising for next sunday. The Boys in their boats are Daniel, Josh and Ben .

Elizabeth's three boys . Joan got a new guitar and the box came in handy.
It was Denise's birthday so Joan made a cake while Paul and denise drove up from Texas or someplace. Choclate cake at 10 pm. It was good!!
Things are looking good in the garden.
bye for now Mom